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Outward Incarnational Focus vs. Inward institutional survival, closed communities of assimilation/exclusion...

If Discipleship Formation is about learning/understanding/living the Good News, and Authentic Evangelism is about intentionally sharing the Good News in relationships, then Outward Incarnation is about not limiting where and to whom we share the Good News.


Outward Incarnational Focus is about being the gathered community of Christ sent out! We go not because we have a strategy for new membership; we go because we have a Savior who commanded us to be on God’s mission. We go because God’s saving love in Christ, cannot be inwardly contained in our buildings when we live with neighbors in need and a hurting world.


The Good News is meant to transform and transcend. The church is meant to be a beacon of Christ’s grace, justice, freedom, and love. Outward incarnational focus means we daily take up our cross and follow to the marginalized of society, the poor among us, the suffering and sick, the stranger and enemy, the down-trodden and “the least of these.” We do not just focus on bringing similar or like-minded people inside to assimilate to our way of doing things; nor do we just go to people and places that are familiar and comfortable.


Outward Incarnational focus, requires an emboldened faith, that goes because Christ is already present, and calls us to join. 




In Christ, Pastor Joe

About Our Pastor

1. Where were you born? I was born in Nassau, Bahamas


2. Describe your family. My family is a pet lover (mainly dogs) and the four boys play soccer.


3. Were you always a Presbyterian? My father was a Baptist preacher, but later in life chose to be a Presbyterian. 


4. What is your fondest childhood memory? I remember my dad teaching me how to swim and ride a motorcycle. 

5. What did/do you do for a living?  My first paying job was picking oranges; it lasted one day. Then I worked for Denny’s restaurant for seven years while I was attending college. Meanwhile, I also tried to sell life insurance and used cars which lasted about four months.


6. What do you like to do with your leisure time? Besides being around my family, I enjoy lifting weights, running, riding a motorcycle, playing soccer, traveling, playing guitar and washing fast car movies.


7. Is there anything left on your bucket list that you wish to do? I would like to eat sea food in every country. 


8. Is there something that most people don’t know about you? I am an open-book.


9. What will your tombstone say about you? Well done “HAPPY”, faithful servant.

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