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Our Pastor

                          <excerpt from Pastor Joe's Life Bio>

... In 2013, I was recognized as an ordained pastor by the Haitian government and given legal authority over the four congregations. In 2015, after much encouragement and prayer, I made the commitment to become a Presbyterian Minister of the Word and Sacrament. With Lake Mary’s support I was taken under the care of the Central Florida Presbytery. My journey was challenging as I balanced my family, my professional responsibilities as an assistant director with Orange County Public Schools, and my studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. When Lake Mary lost their pastor, and the search for a new pastor continued, I was asked to serve as pulpit supply, which I have been doing almost weekly since 2017. In May 2019, I graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary, and I am currently working to complete the steps that will lead me to ordination. Lord willing, I will pass my ordination exams and my CPE training in the coming months. I am currently fulfilling my dream as a part time Pastor, TPR for First Presbyterian Church of Lake Mary...

Pastor Joe Raymond

Our Vision

To glorify and worship God 

through sharing His love

witnessing and serving the community

 and developing disciples

Our History

    120 years serving 
     and growing together
                        in JESUS!

In 1894, under the leadership of Rev. J. F. Sundell, a group of Lake Mary's founding father's joined to form a community church.


Gathering signatures of other early residents, a petition was signed and submitted by Reverend Sundell to the governing board of the South Florida Presbytery in Lakeland, Florida, to request affiliation with the Presbyterian Church. Approval was granted on October 10, 1984.

Over the next 30 years, the church served the community as a place of worship, as well as a meeting place for many social events, open to residents of all faiths and denominations. 


On December 15 1927, the members of the church, under the guidance of Reverend James Thompson, began making plans to erect a building. Work began on December 26, 1927, with over fifty volunteers taking part to construct the building that now sits on the original site. With credit granted for materials, generous monetary donations and hundreds of volunteer hours, the building was completed over a period of two and one half years.

Even before its completion and dedication on March 30, 1930, the members of the church held worship services in the new building. This structure was a testament to the true community spirits of its members and those who choose to worship there. Housed at the church was a bell that could be heard throughout the community. During World War II, it sounded as an air raid signal and at other times it was used to call the volunteer fireman. 


In November 1972, the interior of the church was gutted by fire and again volunteers rallied to rebuild the church. Services resumed in the new sanctuary in July 1973 and has served as a corner stone of the community. Covenant Presbyterian Church united with FPCLM in 1987.

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