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There are some simple things one can do every day to help your brain stay healthy.  These exercise the mind just as we exercise the heart and other parts of the body.  These mental workouts along with physical activity, rest, and diet are beneficial to overall health and can slow down cognitive decline.

·  Learn Something New.  “Use it or lose it”. Play chess, learn sign language.

· Take a Walk.  Improves long term memory and better information processing

· Be a Social Butterfly.  Talking, listening, connecting, socializing.

· Food for Thought. Veggies, blueberries, healthy fats like avocado.

· Go Nuts.  A handful like walnuts.

· Stop and Smell the Rosemary.  Smelling triggers the memory and emotion.

· Take a Nap.  A 40-minute nap with feel elevated.

· Challenge Yourself in Fun Ways.  Walk backwards, write with your left hand.




Reprinted from ReNew by UnitedHealthcare

Health & Wellness

Hospice is a specialized care option for patients facing a life-limiting illness from conditions like COPD, heart disease, and dementia. When they receive hospice care early on, they experience less depression, and can improve mentally, emotionally, and physically. In fact, patients under earlier hospice care may live 25% longer due to better management of symptoms by a team of doctors, nurses, aides, volunteers, social workers, grief counselors, and chaplains united around one special  person... their patient.
Choosing hospice benefits the patient and family more by the patient participating in all planning and decisions in pain and symptom management; reduced hospitalizations. Advance directives can be prepared to avoid difficult decisions later.
In addition to gaining comfort, independence and quality of life, patients and families with hospice care also receive: physical, emotional and spiritual support...
A nurse who coordinates the patients care; training needed to properly care for a loved one; medications; medical equipment such as electric beds, walkers, and wheelchairs; a nursing assistant to provide personal care such as bathing; disposable supplies such as gloves, adult briefs and wound-care kits; bereavement care and grief support.
Hospice services are provided in the comfort of your home, assisted living  facility, hospital or nursing facility, and are covered by Medicare and most private  insurances.  Ask your doctor if or when hospice may be able to help you.
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