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Lil' Bit o'Inspiration


Christmas Symbolisms

There are many symbols used during the Christmas holiday season.  Some are derived from folklore of various countries; others have a direct Biblical meaning.  Here are some of the symbols you will see during this Season; reflect on their meaning.

CANDLES: spring will arrive, God brings light into the dark world

BELLS: to signal a time for celebration, used to be to scare away evil

ANGELS: present at the birth of Jesus, and visited Mary and Joseph before the birth

CANDY CANES: shaped like the crook of shepherds who visited the manger

TREE: triangular shaped like the Holy Trinity

HOLLY: symbol of peace and joy

SANTA: symbol of generosity and giving

STAR: as guided those toward Bethlehem

WREATH: reminder of eternal God with no beginning and no end

COLORS OF RED AND GREEN: red stands for blood and life, green for new life, seen in the berries of the holly and the leaves of the poinsettia

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