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Church Events

Covered Dish


Sunday, Feb 11

< following worship > 


Fellowship Hall 

Join us for a Valentine’s Covered Dish Luncheon immediately following Worship.  Please bring a dish and or dessert to share.  

Our Ash Wednesday celebration was a great outreach to the community. We doubled last years number from 20 to 41 this year. People came on bikes, in a school bus, city employees stopped by and more. We did all ages - babies, toddlers, elementary students and young and old. It was a true blessing to each and everyone who participated. As Pastor Joe said many times... “To God be the Glory”.

We will be giving out Ashes as you drive across the lawn on Ash Wednesday February 14th from 7:00 am to 9:00 am


There will be coffee and donuts.  

Come and be blessed as we begin the Lenten Season.  God Bless You! 

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