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According to the Random Acts of Kindness foundation (RAK), performing just one act of kindness per day can reduce stress and anxiety – for both you and the person you help.  Kindness doesn’t have to be complicated.  Here are 10 easy ways to start down a kinder path.

1. Replace one complaint with a compliment each day

2. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-through

3. Use a meal-donation service to give a friend a week off from kitchen duty

4. Send a nice email or letter

5. Impressed with someone’s work?  Let his or her manager know

6. Donate worn towels and blankets to a local animal shelter

7. Give up a primo parking spot in a crowded lot

8. Smile – it’s contagious

9. Leave your server a generous tip

10.Tuck an encouraging note into a random book at the library

From Renew magazine, United HealthCare


The mission of a church is spelled out in different ways.  In the last 4 newsletters we have been discussing church mission from The PC (USA) Book of Order, titled the “Great Ends of the Church”. 

The fifth of these Great Ends of the Church is “The promotion of social righteousness”. What this might look like for First Presbyterian of Lake Mary:  Take a walk around our neighborhood. Notice the needs that one might see and notice those who are currently not attending worship anywhere. Satisfy needs and invite others to participate in church activities. The Station House apartment building just 2 blocks away has 200 units – might there be someone there to invite?

The sixth and final Great Ends of the Church is “The exhibition of the Kingdom of Health to the world.” A great example of this is the Grace and Grits ministry which is a coordinated effort of several church denominations to provide cooked meals, clothing, and toiletries to homeless and underserved people. Meals are Wednesday evening and Saturday morning.  Wednesday morning is also Wash Day where laundry is done free of charge.  First Presbyterian Church of Lake Mary currently helps to support this outreach into the community.

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